Carey's Subscription Q & A

Hey y'all!  It's Carey!

We are super excited to now be offering Monthly Subscription Surprises!  Since I was a little girl, I have always loved receiving happy mail.  I just love the suspense, sometimes not knowing what it is, finally opening it up and being so surprised and happy! So, I thought, why not offer that exciting experience to my customers?  And, let's be honest, the only mail we seem to receive as adults is bills, bills, and more bills!  Let's change that :)
Here's the low down on our subscription:

Q:  How much?
A: It's only $19.99 a month with FREE SHIPPING!

Q:  How often?
A:  Once a month

Q:  What's included?
A:  It's always a surprise!  It will be a mix of some of Carey's favorite things.  It could be anything from accessories to gift items.  The best part is that you're going to be getting these items anywhere from 40%-60% off! You'll always get at least 2-4 items per month.  PLUS, we are going to be including discounts every now and then that only YOU will receive and know about.

Q:  Where can I sign up?
A:  Click HERE or go to our search bar and type in "Carey's Surprise Subscription" then add it to your cart and check out! Or, select "Carey's Surprise Subscription" from our "Shop" page within our Collections!

Q:  Why do I have to pick a size?
A:  Some months we may send clothing (graphic tee, kimono, top, etc.), and we need to know what size will work best for you.

Q:  Can I return it?
A:  No, all Subscription items are Final Sale.  This is because we are offering them at such a great discount and have limited quantities of these items.

Q:  How does payment work?
A:  By signing up for our Monthly Subscription, you are giving Carey's Boutique with Bold Subscription services permission to charge your card $19.99 once a month until you choose differently.  You may go into your account at any time and pause or cancel your Subscription at any time for NO fee or charge.

Q: Will I be charged the day I sign up?
A: Yes! From that point forward, you will be charged on the 15th of every month.  (For example: the cut off to sign up for the June box is May 31.  If you sign up on time, your June box ships out by June 15th.  If you sign up on June 1, you missed the cut off for the June box, so the first box you receive will be the July box, shipping out by July 15th.  If you sign up the 15th-31st, you will receive the box shipping out on the 15th of the next month.  These are called "Buffer Days" so you will not be charged twice in one month.  After the first month, it will be smooth sailing!)

Q:  When will my Subscription ship every month?
A:  It will ship on the 12th-14th every month.  (Unless that falls on a Sunday, it will ship the next day.)

Q:  Can I use Sezzle to buy my Subscription?
A:  No, I am so sorry!  We cannot make this feature work at this time.

Q:  Can I use a gift card to buy my Subscription?
A:  No, I am so sorry!  It has to be on a debit or credit card.

Q:  Can I pick up my Subscription in store?
A:  No, the way our system works, they will all be shipped.  But that just means that you will have a surprise once a month when you get home!

Q:  Can I use a discount or reward to purchase my subscription?
A:  No, I am so sorry!  Occasionally we may offer discounts to use on our subscriptions, but that will be the only discount or offer that can be used.

Q:  How do I pause or cancel my subscription?
A:  It's super easy and free to do either!  Simply log into your Carey's Boutique account on our website.  Once logged in, scroll to the very bottom of your account page, and click on "Manage Subscription" and from there you can pause or cancel!  (To cancel, click on "View Details" then "Cancel Subscription" will be at the very bottom.)

Q:  Can I sign back up at any time?
A:  Yes!  Of course!  If you cancel your subscription, and you want to sign back up, simply purchase the subscription on our page like normal!

Have any more questions?  Feel free to email us at, message us on Facebook or Instagram, or give us at call at 270-753-4725!
We hope you love it!
Thank you!
Carey - Proverbs 16:24